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Dealflo is an online catalogue focusing on preselected,
high quality investments in the following three categories.
Property, Funds and Venture Capital.


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Safe and sophisticated high-tier investments
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and forward-thinking ideas.

Invest in tomorrow, today.

About Dealflo

Ensuring your financial prosperity is our speciality. For close to 15 years, our knowledge has helped countless clients lay the foundations for financial growth. Since 2005, Dealflo Founder and Director Liron Mazor has helped take clients from A to B as a Certified Financial Planner and an award-winning Wealth Creator.

With his expertise, knowledge and insight, Liron and the Dealflo team have access to a catalogue of growth opportunities to suit an array of wealth needs. Let us help you build a profitable portfolio today. Browse our investment catalogue below.


Here is a selection of our latest investments, please have a look over and then contact us for further information.

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